Rhea Stover(non-registered)
I am loving your photos from Maine. I am in love with the Puffins. Enjoy seeing you on Joy Of Photography. All the our photos are amazing!!
kelly marquardt(non-registered)
you are very good. I did some photography in Florida last spring. I learned that when in a canoe you are very small next to a gator(: I have done wildlife for 3 years and I have only had my 500 for about 6mo. I hope to get my images as sharp as yours at some point. It will be fun to see your images and for me to learn.
John Covington(non-registered)
Nancy, I watched and enjoyed your review of the new Nikon D500. I am retired and love to shoot nature and wildlife here in North Florida with my Nikon D7100 and D300s. Though I'm not a professional photographer I enjoy photography and nature. The D500 is fast becoming a hit with Nikon fans. There might be a D500 for me in the future!
Bob Varner(non-registered)
Hi Nancy.... I watched and enjoyed your video review of the Nikon D500. That may be my next camera. I was thinking about the D750 but technology gets better. I never thought of frames per second as sexy....but I guess it can be.
James Franko(non-registered)
I like to travel around the world and capture some awesome clicks like this. If we have passion for photography it will reflect in each and every click that we take. Some of the photos in your gallery is heart touching and that is passionate.
amazing site
Cynthia McCurdy(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing the info regarding your website. I am a self taught photographer so have tons to learn - definitely a novice. I plan to take a photo course at UF next year and then I will spend some time with you. (I think I need to suggest it as a great birthday present! ) Your photos and use of lighting are beautiful. i have owned a Nikon D300 for 5+ years, that I love and am still learning how to use.
Ken Shults(non-registered)
Hi Nancy, really enjoy following you on Facebook. You are immensely talented! Thank you for sharing your art!
David Chmielewski(non-registered)
Nancy Great web site. Where do you find the time? Your amazing. Love your Florida images and just now looked at your work in Texas. In addition it is sweet that you shoot almost the same Nikon gear that I do so it is like a tutorial for me. Keep up the good work I'll be sure to follow it
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