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Created 17-Sep-12
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Join awarding winning nature photographer, Nancy Elwood, for a day or half day, or even more, to learn some of her secrets. Soon you will be on your way to getting those images you have always wanted. Locations will be dependent on the season, and can be tailored to any skill level. Also, included is any post processing questions you might have, or she can explain how she does her post processing, from raw file to tiff file ready for print or jpeg, ready for the web. Email for more information [email protected].

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Guestbook for Personal Workshops
Emory McGinty(non-registered)
I had my first workshop with Nancy and I couldn't be more pleased. I wanted to learn from her how she finds and captures her amazing owl pictures. We located a couple of barred owls at two locations. She talked me through setting up my tripod, camera and lens for the best picture in the challenging environment looking up into a tree. I liked that she knew the capability of my camera so she knew the best settings for the best shot for me. I learned how to push my ISO without adding noise. After shooting, we spent time going over the shots on our computers and she gave me feedback on the shots taken, how to edit them for the best results and which she liked the best. I really appreciate her technical knowledge, her friendly teaching style, her willingness to share her knowledge and how comfortable she made me feel the entire workshop. I look forward to my next workshop with her and highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their photography.
Carol Corder(non-registered)
I attended a personal workshop with Nancy yesterday, primarily on post-processing. Her knowledge is quite remarkable and better yet, she is one of the rare instructors willing to share what she knows, how she shoots, locations and post processing tips and workflow. She consistently taught and answered all the questions I could think of (for now). She also critiqued some of my past images and was gently honest about what I could have, should have done differently. I found this to be one of the best learning experiences I have had, and I have attended multiple workshops. She quickly addressed a few issues that had me very frustrated with my bird in flight photography. I have scheduled a two day workshop to go out shooting in the field with Nancy and I am very much looking forward to it. She is also very personable with a great sense of humor. I would highly recommend Nancy to any level photographer.
Jean-Guy Gallant(non-registered)
I am back to Canada after spending time with Nancy for a 2 day photography work shop. We spent the first day, from 6am to 6 pm, doing photography. We went to Viera Wetlands where there were lots of opportunities to take photos or multiple species great blue heron, little blue heron, tri color heron, green heron, great egret, little egret, snowy egret, white ibis, glossy ibis, double crested cormorant, anhinga). Nancy starts at my photography level and gives herself 100% at teaching and coaching me to improve on my technique. Along the day, she would check my work and gives review on my technique and what could improve. The second day was on post processing. We went through the different software she used to edit her photos. We worked on a few of my images starting with Capture NX-D, Photoshop and Nik Collection. With a combination of those softwares, you can achieve high quality images. During the 2 day Nancy was very generous with sharing her knowledge and time with me. She would answer all my questions and make sure that I understood what she was teaching. My trip to Orlando especially for the 2 day workshop was money very well spent. Now, the key to my success will be the time that I’ll put in practice. Thank you very much Nancy for all your time and patience.
Donna McMurrer(non-registered)
I did a personal workshop with Nancy yesterday. What an Awesome day!. Nancy is an excellent instructor. Spends the time, knowledge she has. She is a wonderful , fun person as well. Being new to photography and upgrading to the new nikon D500 which you can not use as a point and shoot like I did my my D3300 learning the aperture, Iso, F stops, can be scary but Nancy made it comfortable and easy for me. Lunch was spent well going over programs to use for processing the pictures . She took me to Viera Wetlands in the morning, afternoon fun with Scrub Jays and to Merritt Island. Highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn or improve there photography.
Renee Sanderson(non-registered)
Went on a workshop with Nancy and a friend this past weekend. Nancy is a wonderful instructor. She's very patient, knowledgable and a lot of fun to spend the day with. She's very open with her knowledge and not at all stingy with her time. We started at 7am and didn't stop until 6pm. In the morning she went over ISO settings, aperture an shutter speeds. We shot Black-bellied whistler ducks among many other subjects. At lunch we went over some post processing techniques that were all new to me. After lunch we moved on to Screech owls and Scrub jays. I've been using what Nancy taught me last week and having much greater success rates and before her workshop. My friend and I are probably going to contact her again earlier next spring and go again. Did I mention that she's also fun.
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